new happy year

2014 was a strange year. For me, it was twelve months of adventure, injury and recovery, but for a lot of people, it seems like it was a year of hashtag social movements. A year of getting so angry about something you read on the internet that you can't not put together 140 characters sharing how much of a problem you think it is. Those hashtag snowballs picked up millions of angry voices, and generated valuable discussions about the existence of certain social injustices in our modern world. But what really seemed to be trending was that none of those social movements ever seemed to have a plan. No demands, no proposed solutions, just a lot of "I'm angry about this!"

I think that's their ultimate downfall. Dissatisfaction and anger are great fuels for change, but they're never going to be enough to fix your problems. At some step, human ingenuity has to come in and turn that "I'm pissed" into an "I was pissed so I ____". Recycling the initial frustration from the safety of your cellphone might get you some likes, but then what? 

I'm ranting here. I didn't mean to. What I'm trying to get at is that if you want to see positive change, you'll have much better luck with it if you can point out a path to a better world.

Here's to a new year and a fresh start. Find the path to your better world and take it. Oh and if you're into demo reels for sound design, you can now check mine out - I just posted it to VIDEO.