canada pride

The internet is covered in rainbows!

Great news spread fast this week when the US Supreme Court deemed that same sex couples have a fundamental right to marry. A life-changing ruling for thousands of Americans, and a liberating achievement for the country on whole, the decision will hopefully curve discussion on gay rights and homosexuality worldwide. But today is Canada Day, a day to review and celebrate how great this country is, so let's take a moment to appreciate that our own Supreme Court made the very same ruling a full decade earlier than our neighbours to the south. 

Congratulations, America. Welcome to the 21st century.

The verdict seems to have restored some faith in the US government for a lot of citizens; seeing your altruistic values (#LoveWins) enacted on a federal level should affirm faith in the decision-making abilities of your leaders. Hopefully, we'll see some increase in civic engagement in consequence from this week's unifying ruling. Y'know, so, things like devastating trade agreements that will essentially determine the course for the North American economy for a generation will be discussed a little less behind closed doors and a little more in public.

Now it's time for me to celebrate my country's ambition, wisdom, and grace the only way I know how: with a deep box of gourmet vegetarian poutine.