me and my friends

I've had a pretty insane week, visiting and exploring four cities in seven days. It meant spending as many nights on buses or trains as beds, but it felt good to be on the move again, and to have a constant line-up of novelty in front of me.

Stories of all that to come, this post isn't really about me. Instead, I wanted to take advantage of this half-decent hotel WiFi to share a couple works of some good friends.

Loss Together is an awesome short film from Earl Oliveros. Fun fact: along with one other amigo, he and I co-directed our very first film school work. It was called "Hands" and it was about hands, and we got an A. Boo-yah.

The film's got a wicked sense of humour, but still makes time to call question to some of the curious human habits around mourning. Earl's just recently put the film up online, along with a relaunch of his website. Oh also, I did all the post-sound work on this badboy. 

In late-fall 2012, Tanner Zurkoski took the film crew he'd wrangled up, along with some PVC pipes and an old-fashioned cop car, and shuttled us out to Elora, Ontario. A couple days shooting in the rural streets and fields gave us The Village Green, a short film about the lengths a small-town sheriff is willing to go to protect his community. Now Tanner's adapting the film into a webseries, and has put together a trailer to show off the possibilities. 

The series is looking to the IPF (Independent Production Fund) for some help in financing, and could use any and all attention to prove that it's something audiences want. So if you like what you see, let the creators know - like, comment and share with friends.

Last but not least, I want to show you a webseries that's already been through production, and is just nearing the end of the first season (great time to catch up). It's called Book Of Rules, and it's a wonderfully awkward bromantic comedy about a guy moving in with two very close friends. Bros, even.

I wish I could tell you who did what here, but they don't have much in the way of credits, which I think actually says a lot about the series. It's really what you'd call a passion-project - something these guys are putting out because they believe in it and it brings them joy. Anyways, the whole cast and crew are film-school pals, and it's great to see them putting laughs out into the world like this.