I may be a month late to this party, but there's a cool little trend happening on the internet where friends are 'nominating' each other to perform good deeds. It's a sort-of rebuttal to the onslaught of demoralized vanity of the online drinking game, neknominations (what's a neknom supposed to be anyway?)

The idea here is that if you get called out, you've got to record and share a video of yourself doing something charitable, or just generally positive. I think it's a really cool idea, and am glad my sister opened me up to it. Here's a bit of video that I shot last week after I'd healed up in Mumbai.

I was a little busy eating to keep recording.

Anyways, instead of inviting anyone in particular to pay-it-forward, I'm just going to say that if you watched the video, then you've been selected. So go do something nice - even if you don't jam a camera up in it.