red rock land

Leaving Hampi yesterday felt very different from most of the other bus-side goodbyes I've waved since leaving home over a month ago. Exchanging hugs with new friends and stepping out from the walled courtyard of my homestay, I found myself already missing the place.

The city has something of a reputation, known as somewhere that travelers get stuck, and it's an accurate one. I spent more consecutive days there than anywhere else I've been in India, but an attempt to source the point of Hampi's gravity is a spar with futility.

Somewhere between the adventure of climbing to the peaks of red rock mountains, the kindly welcome of local banana farmers and the abundant thrill of nearby cliff jumping and bouldering, it's easy for a wanderer to find themself in an easy comfort in Hampi.
I did and saw a lot, so I'll just post some pictures now.

A frustrating amount of other travellers didn't understand why that last one is funny.

I've got a lot more goodies (timelapses and videos and stuff) to share, but the internet here is painfully slow, and sitting in an internet cafe is no way to spend your time on a beach.