mysore to hampi

I just wrote a rather long post about my experiences in Mysore, but decided that they were stories not really worth sharing, and scrapped them. Here's the main effect:

The city sucks and you shouldn't go there. It's a corrupt and greedy place, where foreigners are treated more as pockets than people, and the palace isn't even all that great.

Not to crap all over a city or anything.

Anyways, I left there as fast as I could and took an overnight bus to Hampi, arriving early yesterday morning. It's a wild place, with enormous, impossibly stacked boulders dotting the golden-red hills all around the small town. The most accurate way I've heard it described is as looking like Bedrock, the town from The Flintstones.

Bikes and motorcycles are available for rent all over the place, and the main local pasttimes include eating lots of food, rock climbing in the hills, and generally just chilling out ("shanti, shanti" as they say). It's pretty much a complete polar opposite from the noise and aggression of Mysore, which suits me just fine.

I suppose Mysore (MORE LIKE EYESORE! HAH!) wasn't entirely a loss. Like I mentioned in my last post, there's a zoo, and I got to see cool animals make some funny faces.

Also, Happy Valentines Day! So, "congratulations" to those of you that are in love and "maybe next year" to those who aren't.