don't call it a blog

In a week's time, I'll be getting on a plane out of my hometown and I don't have a return flight.

Bouncing around the globe, I'm about to see a lot of different places, and a lot of new ways of life, which I'd say I'm well due for. After 22 years of Toronto, I'm sufficiently disenchanted with the hustle-bustle, rush-to-wait, don't-talk-to-strangers mentality that this metropolis is built on. For a place with 2 and a half million people, it certainly can feel like a cold, mechanical place.

After a quick, but long-awaited visit to the east coast, I'll be flying over the Atlantic to the white sand shores of South India. A couple months up the coast and inland will take me to Nepal and Tibet, and from there, who knows? I'll probably stop in Israel to see what life on a kibbutz is like, meet some distant relatives for the first time in rural Greece, and I've always been curious about France.

Along the way, I'll be stopping by here to share stories and insights, show you cool stuff I find, rant about the menial things, or just kill time on long plane/train/bus rides. I don't want this to be a one-sided conversation though - if you're out there, reading this, I want to hear from you. Call me out when I'm wrong, ask for details when I'm vague, share your own anecdotes and advice. "Blogging" seems so egomaniacal and ungratifying; help me keep this a reciprocating forum. 

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year.