flying solo

People keep asking me how I like travelling alone. Of course, it is lonely - knowing that most everyone I meet, I will only know that once. It sometimes feels as if I'm only stepping through a moment in their personality, but there's also a certain freedom in the limited nature of those those meetings. In a strange way, people are more willing to speak openly, honestly and personally when they believe they'll never see you again; and as I put it to my new friend Erin, there's something really nice about walking away from a great conversation, knowing that will be your only memory of someone.

Also, travelling alone let's me do weird stuff like this: 


I left the very touristy Varkala yesterday and have arrived in Alleppey (Alappuzha), which is referred to as 'Venice of the East', for it's network of waterways and canals. It's a nice city, and has shown me perhaps the most progressive shade of Indian culture yet. I'll be leaving here in a day or two, hopefully to visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, where I will engage with the wildlife and re-enact the Jungle Book.

To those who have written me, thank you! Keep them coming, it's so nice to hear stories from home.