last night in toronto

The city was pretty good to me this week, maybe I sell it too short.

I lost my wallet last Sunday night. Naturally, I lost my shit - cancelled all my cards, had new ones sent on express, called the restaurant and TTC lost and found a couple of times each, and panicked at the idea of leaving the country with only one form of ID (my passport). I resolved quickly that my wallet was gone forever, and gave up hope in exchange for efforts to replace all its contents.

How shocked I was to get a call from the concierge of a midtown condo, telling me the wallet had been turned in to their security desk, and how even more shocking it was to find all my valuables in tact. Even a shiny loonie. 


I'm sitting in the Toronto Island airport, guzzling free lattes and waiting for my flight to board, and I am alone. Last night, however, was very much the opposite; in a favoruite bar, I was surrounded by good friends from all avenues of my life here. They came out to send me off, and wish good luck and safety. The affection was near-overwhelming and left me thinking about what I'll miss while I'm away - here's a few: