trisomy 21

I don't often get to share the final results of productions that I've lent my services to. A lot of the time, clients will use the videos we create internally within their company, and without cable, I rarely catch the TV commercial/broadcast productions that I help create. 

This week, The Canadian Down Syndrome Society launched a YouTube ad campaign that I worked on, and I'm happy to get to share it with you. The premise is simple: have the most commonly Google-d questions about down syndrome answered by people who know the condition best. The videos' reception has been great - on Tuesday, Adweek covered the series, and gave it their 'Ad of the Day' accolade. 

You can check out the full set of 40+ videos on the CDSS website.
Here's a few of my faves:


People seem to be pretty divided on Pokemon GO, either obsessively for it, or already exasperated with the 90's nostalgia-targeting AR game (which hasn't even officially released yet). News segments were quick to jump on the dangers of the game - traffic accidents, muggings, and even the discovery of a corpse in Wyoming - but the media discussion surrounding the core AR technology has been practically non-existent. PKGO, to me, looks like the first widely successful execution of a tech that's been long in-development, and could have serious impact on the way we interface with information networks in the future. 

Here's a short film about what AR tech could look like several generations down the line. It's offsetting and eerie, but also very well done.

it's a good life if you don't weaken

So much has been written on the subject of death, something apparently imminent for Gordon Downie.

Gord's mastery is in writing about life, somehow drifting from distinct and imaginative vision to vision; his deceptively prosaic words ground us in a recognizable world, yet savor in the hazy space of recognition itself. 

Those tableaux moments come to life through his recorded breath. Downie's not a singer, he's a shaman - he conjures realities from his history, imagination, or whatever ether our most talented actors draw from, and sets those emotional taps as punctuation to his words. He screams. He whispers. He takes characters and lives them through microphones for us to hold in memory. 

It's 2009 and I'm in the back of a north Ontario taxi cab with a girl falling asleep on my shoulder. Bobcaygeon is fuzzing through the radio as the car climbs up and down the hills of the lakeside gravel road. I sing that song to her often over the next year, "I saw the constellations reveal themselves, one star at at time".

In high school, I had scanned Gord's entire first book of poetry at the public library so that I could study it at home. It changed the way that I thought about poetry and lyricism. It changed the way that I write and play music. 

This is all sounding very solemn, which is allowed only perhaps today. There's plenty of mournful, tender songs from Downie & The Hip, but the emotional focus of their greater body of music is tonally of celebration. Even their politically-charged material, directly pointed at issue and tragedy, seems to find a charge of strength in the will and volume of its message.

I didn't know I was a fanboy. I didn't know that Gordon Downie was my hero - I didn't expect to weep at today's headlines. I suppose the good news is there's a Hip album on it's way. Kevin Drew's produced, and he says the album is about three things, "memory, transformation, and truth."


This week some friends released the first episode of their webseries, Just Cuddle! I helped out on set for a couple episodes in season 1, and now the second season is on its way via indiegogo. The series follows silver-haired Winter as she dives into the strange and tender world of professional cuddling. Crazy clients and unexpected drama lay ahead, but for now here's episode 1. 


I really like the sketchy aesthetic you can get with rotoscoping, but yeesh does it take forever. Here's a little test animation I put together to see how my new computer handles massive PSD files. The view's from my balcony. 

butch and sundance

Did you guys know that there's a Paul Newman line of pasta sauces!? Got a jar of alfredo and watched one of my favourite movies last night.

"The future's all yours, you lousy bicycles!"

buying babies

Check out the trailer for this webseries that my friends Priscilla and Tanya are looking to produce! Priscilla directed, and it was written by xoJane & Huffington Post contributor Wendy Litner, whose real life experiences with infertility led to the concept of the series. The team is competing for the Independent Production Fund and can use all the traction they can get! I helped them out with sound editing and design on the trailer so give it a look and listen, and share it around if you're a fan.

16 and ready

More exciting awards news!

We shot 16 And Ready To Roll in rural Unionville towards the end of last summer, and I spent a few weeks of the fall / winter season designing and fine-tuning the short film's 70's-themed mix. Yesterday I got news that the film has been accepted to premiere internationally at the short film corner at the Cannes Film Festival in May. 


Huge congrats to Jon and Nicola at Savoy Entertainment, as well as the rest of the team. Very cool stuff - I'm proud to have helped make 16 And Ready what it is. Check out the film's Facebook page to show it some love and learn more about the project.